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Sex and Sums and a Controlled Dose of Rock and Roll

Eccentric and pretentious

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Richard Clegg
9 March 1971
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Hmm... so... sum up myself in this little box eh? Um... In no particular order I am: usually fairly cheerful; a researcher in networks at University College London; a mathematician (of sorts); into beepy goffy music; NorraGoff; coping; getting into shape; a left-leaning woolly liberal; overworked; a pacifist (even under severe provocation); frequently ungrammatical; geographically challenged; and usually, moderately confused.

According to www.googlism.com then (amongst other things):

Steer is here [True - I checked]
Steer is what? [That is the question]
Steer is able to assist people... [I am here to help and make your day nicer in every way]
Steer is neither [I like this - it sounds like some kind of naff Zen]
Steer is caused by an incompatibility between the steering linkage and suspension [Well, it's not the explanation my parents gave]
Steer is one of Canada's best physical chemists [Amongst my many achievements]
Steer is a most glorious and awe [Indeed]
Steer is estimated to have 13 [I haven't counted myself]
Steer is lying on its side with all four legs pointing in the same direction [Drunk again]
Steer is 450lbs [This is an outdated exaggeration -- I'm not the man I once was]
Steer is the key to further action [I'm not sure what this means but it makes me sound impressive]
Steer is contrary and falls the other way [Noooo... well, perhaps if I've been drinking]
Steer is a straight shooter [Damn right!]
Steer is not recommended [Actually I am often recommended and can provide references on request]

According to suebeedoo: "The Touselled Maned Steer (morlocous Trogloditi) is a crepuscular animal. It is thought that morlocous Trogloditi is related to the Mogwai in that he melts in bright light. He has been observed shrinking away from a 40 watt bulb.

Recent findings suggest that occasionally he sheds his standard plummage of black tshirt and jeans in order to mate, although studies have been suspended whilst an alternative researcher is sought."

According to inbetween_girl: "You're a bit of rough. Get used to it! It isn't a bad thing."

According to rosamicula: "Clothes don't really seem to suit him, generally. He manages to lower the tone of everything he puts on his stoopy 'missing link' frame."

To which I would add: Steer is short for Steerpike a nickname I had on a (now disused) bulletin board in the late 80s. However, lots of people still call me Steer. Which is fine. And if you don't know what Steerpike means, then (as Antony H. Wilson says) "don't worry about it, but you should probably read more".

Music I like:

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Look at me still talking when theres science to do.
When i look out there
it makes me glad I'm not you.
I've experiments to run,
there is research to be done,
on the people who are
still alive.

-- Jonathon Coulton
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